New 5106 Process – effective February 17, 2023


One of the services C.A. Shea (Shea) has traditionally provided for our clients has been the filing of the Customs form 5106. On February 17, 2023, new Customs (CBP) regulations will become effective that will dramatically impact the way 5106 data may be presented to CBP.

The 5106 was originally introduced in the 1960’s as a means for CBP to record and input a principal’s information into their newly computerized database. Since then, the 5106 has evolved into a far more complex, Know-Your-Customer type document, which looks for a substantial amount of information. CBP requires each principal to file a 5106 prior to any bond being issued, so this document is a critical part of the bond process. CBP has determined that the only parties permitted to file 5106 data electronically through CBP’s system are: the principal (on their own accord) or a licensed customs broker(CHB). 

In order to continue to provide superior service to our clients and customers, C.A. Shea has established a new entity – a licensed CHB called “Shea Customs Services, LLC.”  This entity will enable us to file and maintain 5106 data electronically and will greatly improve the efficiency with which we handle your Customs bond needs.  We will no longer have to rely on Customs staff to process paper 5106 forms, which will greatly improve both the speed at which changes are made and the accuracy of how data is input into CBP’s system.  Shea Customs Services will be led by Christopher Flagg, who is himself a licensed CHB, in addition to leading our “best in class” claims department.    

Customs’ regulatory changes on the handling of the 5106 requires the trade to adapt to an evolving environment.  As such, we have a new, streamlined form to collect bond applicant name and address details.  In certain circumstances, additional information might be required from the bond applicant.  Finally, we have also established a dedicated email address to handle name and address change requests: