How to Update Names & Addresses on File with CBP


Before eBond went into effect, an entity’s name and/or address on file with CBP for a continuous bond could only be updated by filing a rider along with the 5106 form.  Neither the address, nor the name, could be changed without the consent and formal acknowledgement by the principal and surety company, as the rider was required to be signed by a titled officer of the principal and an authorized representative from the surety.  However, since CBP no longer requires a rider to be completed, the name and/or address on file for an entity can be updated by simply filing a 5106 form.  The 5106 form may be signed by an individual employed by the entity or anyone with a power of attorney on file for that entity, such as a Customs broker.


Based on this change, it can be difficult for companies to ensure the information on file with CBP is correct and has not been changed without their knowledge.  Therefore, in an attempt to help our clients ensure that the correct information is on file with CBP, we are now including a Renewal Bond Summary with each bond’s renewal billing notice.  This Renewal Bond Summary not only includes the basic information on the bond, such as the bond number, bond type, bond amount, etc., but also includes the address CBP currently has on file for each entity listed on the bond.  If your client reviews the Bond Renewal Summary and determines the information on file with CBP is incorrect, please contact our office immediately so we can work with you to update the information on file with CBP.