Executive Order on Antidumping and Countervailing Duties


On March 31, 2017, President Trump executed the Presidential Executive Order:  Establishing Enhanced Collection and Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and Violations of Trade and Customs Laws.   Based on this Executive Order, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) immediately began the process to implement this Order.


Upon announcement of this Executive Order, CBP reached out to the trade to start a dialogue on the Order.  Our office was specifically asked to participate in a conference call with the leadership at CBP regarding the Order, due both to our representation of the NASBP and numerous surety companies to CBP.  CBP has updated their website to include an article on where they currently stand on this Order and what the next steps are for CBP.


While there are no changes immediately impacting the trade, CBP has been instructed to:

  • Develop an implementation plans within 90 days to require importers who CBP has determined pose a risk to the revenue of the United States to provide security for antidumping and countervailing-duty liability through bonds;
  • Develop and implement a strategy and plan for enabling interdiction and disposal of inadmissible goods, including through methods other than seizure.

CBP assured our office that they will be working with the trade on these changes.  Once additional information on this item is available, we will be sure to keep our clients updated.