The Freeze Program


An insufficiency notice or notice of claim never being received by the principal and mail being returned to Customs as undeliverable, causing a “bad address” insufficiency, are examples of the importance of Customs having the correct address information on file.  Brokers and principals must be aware of the options available to them to keep these addresses up to date.  One such option is the “Freeze Program,” which Customs has had in effect for many years that could help the principal control the information on file.  By filing a letter with Customs, a principal can specify the individuals authorized to make changes to the name and address information on file.  The filing of this letter does not change anything else with Customs, as the letter will only freeze the Customs Importer number to ensure no individuals, other than the individuals listed on the letter, make changes to the name and/or address on file.  It is also important for participants in this program to review the individuals listed on the letter periodically.  If the individuals on the letter must be updated or amended, a new letter can be filed with Customs.

Our office has filed many of these letters for our clients and we are very familiar with the process.  If you would like our office to help freeze a Customs Importer Number, please contact our office.