An Update on eBond


In our June 2014 newsletter we provided some basic information concerning eBond, U.S. Customs’ new electronic bond filing system. Since our last newsletter we have been on numerous conference calls with Customs and we continue to meet with Customs frequently to ensure that our office is prepared for the transfer to the eBond process. Customs has expressed to the bond filing community that the eBond process is on pace for the anticipated January 3, 2015 implementation.

On September 3, 2014, our office successfully filed a trial Single Transaction eBond with Customs, which was accepted in a matter of minutes. While the bond was only a trial; the successful filing of the bond is a very large step in the correct direction. Although Customs does not anticipate the eBond process to fully take effect until early 2015, our office is prepared to begin utilizing this program once the system goes live.

While the changes implemented by Customs will be far reaching for Customs bond filers, the impact of these changes on your office and your client will be minimal. Rest assured, our office will keep your office updated regarding any major impacts eBond would have on you or your clients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding eBond, please feel free to contact our bond department at (908) 879-0990.