Combining the 3 and the 3A


Customs will allow the filing of a single bond form to meet the bond requirement for both the International Carrier (type 3) and the Instrument of International Traffic (type 3A).  If a single bond form is issued to combine these types of bonds,  one bond number would be assigned by Customs; however the liability of the bond is treated as if two separate bonds were filed as both activity codes do not share the bond penal sum bond amount. Rather, each activity code has full reliance of the face amount of the bond.  Therefore, if a principal has a combined bond for the 3&3A in the amount of $100,000.00, the liability of the bond is as if the principal has a $100,000.00 3 and a $100,000.00 3A. Based on this, our office typically recommends issuing separate bonds for the type 3 and 3A if both types of bonds are necessary for a principal.