What is an Airport Security Bond?


According to Customs: “Customs security area” means the Federal inspection services area at any airport accommodating international air commerce designated for processing passengers, crew, their baggage and effects arriving from, or departing to, foreign countries, as well as the aircraft deplaning and ramp area and other restricted areas designated by the port director. These areas will be posted as restricted to the extent possible and are established for the purpose of prohibiting unauthorized entries or contact with persons or objects” (19 CFR 122.181).

When a company or individual must access these Customs security areas, U.S. Customs requires them to have a bond in place, to secure compliance with all regulations governing areas to be secured. Luckily, principals operating in the Customs security areas have several different options for the bond required by Customs. If the principal only requires a bond for the purpose of accessing the Customs security areas, the principal may choose to obtain a bond on the new 301 bond form under the Activity code 11 -identified as an Airport Security Bond. This bond specifically covers the Customs requirements in order for the principal to access these areas.

In addition to this type of bond, the Customs regulations state that the Airport security area bond requirement is automatically met if a principal has an Importer bond, Custodian of Bonded Merchandise bond or International Carrier bond in the appropriate amount. Therefore, although the principal may be accessing Customs security areas, they may not be required to obtain an additional bond if they already have one of these types of bonds in effect at the appropriate amount.